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Hammermill Shredder-Chippers

mighty mac 12PT shedder chipper

If your lawn and garden debris clean up requirements are more than processing mostly leaves and a few small twigs and branches, one of the MacKissic hammermill style shredder-chippers is certain to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
The heart of the Mighty Mac shredder-chipper is the shredding chamber or hammermill. This hammermill houses free-swinging hammers that shred, tear, beat, and grind material until it is small enough to pass through the screen at the discharge end of the machine. Our heat treated and hardened hammers are blunt for longer life. Serrated or sharpened hammers
dull up to 20 times faster. Our design and the four cutting corners of each hammer will provide years of lifebefore replacement is necessary.
We currently offer machines with hammermills that house 16, 24, 36, and 48 hammers. These hammers generate anywhere from 44,000 to over 114,000 shredding hits per minute. The key to successful shredding and chipping is the energy created by the weight of the flywheel and rotor turning at up to 2800 revolutions per minute. Our flywheel and rotor combinations range in weight from 24 lbs. in our smallest hammermill shredder-chipper to 148 lbs. in our largest.
Another outstanding feature of our hammermill machines is the centrifugal clutch. It is designed for easy no-load starting while offering operator and engine protection not available with a direct drive machine. The clutch will also disengage if the machine is overloaded. This allows the engine, flywheel, and rotor RPM’s to quickly recover to full speed and complete the task at hand. With five sizes to choose from, MacKissic offers the right hammermill shredder-chipper to satisfy your needs.

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